Protecting Nashville’s Water, Together

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Hey, Nashville. It’s time we talked about water. Nashville has seen incredible growth recently, with more people moving here, more businesses relocating, and new restaurants and stores opening up every day. You have heard the statistics, but what you might not know is that Nashville is a river city and we rely on the Cumberland River for our drinking water.

Additionally there are hundreds of miles of streams, creeks and rivers that flow through Nashville and into the Cumberland that we rely on for everything from summer kayaking trips to drinking water. Over the years, many of our streams have become impaired, meaning they’re unhealthy – unswimmable, undrinkable or unfishable.

It’s time we stood up for our water. After all, Nashville was founded on the Cumberland River, and we thrive here. As the region grows, we put pressure on our streams and rivers, and the natural spaces that make Nashville special. This is our river, these creeks and streams are ours, and we have the opportunity today to determine the health and foundation of our natural world for generations to come.

Words aren’t enough. We need to get busy, and we need your help with activities and raising awareness. We will be unveiling a public mural dedicated to Nashville’s vital waterways in the coming weeks. Check out what else you can do to help by checking out our calendar.

Let’s pull together, Nashville. Let’s do it today.