43 cents a day

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Pitcher of water in front of bridge over Cumberland River Nashville TN

What can you get for 43¢? In Nashville, that’s what it would cost each resident to pay for the entire city’s average total daily water use. Only $0.43. That’s a fraction of what the average American pays daily just for coffee. So what does Metro Water do for your $0.43 a day? We operate and maintain two water treatment plants, … Read More

You, the water and the music

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River with a sound wave

Wade [Music for River & People], Rivive! Nashville’s new interactive music installment lets you experience rivers in a completely new way. Why I created Wade [Music for River & People] I fell in love with Nashville’s waterways shortly after moving to town for school. I came to study music, and took a job at an outdoor retailer to help pay the … Read More

The Power of the One Degree Shift

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view of clouds from a passenger jetliner window

It doesn’t always require large solutions to solve large problems. Sometimes lots of little solutions will do the trick. The One in 60 Rule The success of a commercial airline flight to get from one location to another is dependent on the aircraft’s ability to stay on a carefully plotted course. If a pilot makes the slightest one-degree error in … Read More