Rivive! 12 South Mural by artist Mobe Oner

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Project Description

This mural, located on 12th Avenue South, sheds light on the intersectionality between Nashville’s native wildlife and the growing presence of an urban environment.

The mural was painted by local artist, Mobe Oner, and reminds visitors to ponder the challenge of coexistence between human development and natural environment in a time of tremendous and rapid growth.

Installed in February 2018, this mural was an exciting addition to the Rivive! Nashville campaign and continues to encourage residents to learn how they can make a small shift to revitalize and protect local rivers and streams, as well as the critters that depend on them.

Rivive! Nashville mural artist Mobe Oner

About the artist

Eric “Mobe” Bass, a Nashville based artist captures his inspiration for his experiences of exploring nature, hiking, and rock climbing. He works to encourage his audience through his graffiti and paint styled art on projects throughout the United States.

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