Wade: Music for River and People

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Project Description

Wade: Music for River and People is a discovery for the public to connect their personal actions with the music of our natural resources. Aaron Hoke Doenges, sound artist composer, collaborated with Rivive! Nashville to bring his vision to Music City.

By downloading live river data provided by the United States Geological Survey's website, Aaron used software to convert the ever-changing information from Richland Creek and the Harpeth and Cumberland Rivers into musical notes in realtime. This provided unique music entirely composed by these local rivers. In addition, the movement of pedestrians also affected the music's pitch and tempo allowing the public to join in the experience.

Located on the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge, connecting East Nashville and Nissan Stadium with Downtown Nashville, Wade was installed and ongoing between April 5 through April 29, 2018, allowing Nashville’s public to make the connection between urban development and Nashville’s natural resources.

Often it can be complicated to see how our actions can affect rivers like the Cumberland. However, with the installation of Wade, the community was able to make a direct connection.

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WADE creator and sound composer Aaron Hoke Doenges

About the artist

Aaron Hoke Doenges is a sound composer and has performed his work locally, nationally, and internationally over the past 8 years. After graduating from Belmont University with a Master of Music in Composition in 2008, the Nashville-based artist has worked to integrate his sound compositions with the local art scene. Doenges has worked towards combining the beauty of music and art with human involvement by incorporating the public’s movement into his musical compositions.

In an effort to allow the public to hear the world differently, he works towards re-humanizing the data collection and information of our natural resources.

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